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  • Q: How to adjust the color and size of the crosshair?[2013-02-21]
  • Q: Why are the external references darker?[2013-02-21]
  • Q: Why cannot edit the external references in-place?[2013-02-21]
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  • Q: Why is the text size in GstarCAD different from that in AutoCAD? [2013-02-21]
  • Q: How to set the function of right-click button as “Confirm” not the shortcut menu?[2013-02-21]
  • Q: How to rotate texts to horizontal automatically by double click when editing vertical or slant texts?[2013-02-21]
  • Q: Why doesn't some content in the drawing print out?[2013-02-21]
  • Q: How to realize monochrome printing with GstarCAD?[2013-02-21]
  • Q: I'm a developer. Can I develop my own applications based on GstarCAD? If I already developed applications based on AutoCAD, can I run it directly under GstarCAD? [2013-02-21]
  • Q: How to load LISP application in GstarCAD? How to load LISP automatically when GstarCAD startup?[2013-02-21]
  • Q: Can ARX program run on GstarCAD directly?[2013-02-21]
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  • Q: Does GstarCAD have some Express tools like AutoCAD? [2013-02-21]
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  • Q: How to convert .dwg files to OCF format?[2013-02-21]
  • Q: What’s the difference between OCF and DWG?[2013-02-21]
  • Q: If the conversion to OCF format function of GstarCAD still works after the free of charge period?[2013-02-21]
  • Q: How does GstarCAD MC for iOS transmit drawings and fonts between mobile devices and computers?[2013-02-21]