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Ideas and Programs, SL Transplants Products to GstarCAD

Date: 2012-07-25

Beijing, China: July 25, 2012-- Ideas and Programs, SL successfully transplanted its products to GstarCAD, the leading 2D/3D CAD software provider. Currently, its main products all support and compatible with GstarCAD 2012, including ARKITool 2012, ARKIPlan 2012, ARQ-Roof, ARQ-WoodRoof, CAD-Protect, CAD-Translate, TOP-Parcel and DOC-Translate.

Ideas and Programs, SL is a Spanish company with more than 25 years of experience developing software in the sector of architecture and construction. It has a wide range of highly skilled team both technically and commercially. Thousands of applications have been developed by Ideas and Programs, SL on different platforms and in multiple versions.

The good combination of products from SL and GstarCAD makes users experience the powerful and comprehensive functions. What’s amazing is that ARKITool is totally free. This tool provides hundreds of programs and utilities and unlimited technical support. Besides, users can also upgrade to premium software, such as ARKITool Plus and ARKITool Plan, which contain several utilities for general use and some for specific use when working with programs like GstarCAD.

"We choose to cooperate with GstarCAD due to the reasons that it has comprehensive and practical functions. More importantly, it is .dwg-compatible software and its program language makes it an ideal platform for application development. I’m sure our cooperation will enable us to serve better for our customers,” the developer from SL says.

GstarCAD 2012 highlights its improved APIs as well as functionality and performance. The newly added IDE for LISP makes it more convenient to program and debug LISP code. What’s more, a number of optimized VBA functions create an ideal environment for application developers to transplant smoothly. In future, GstarCAD will constantly advance its products and offer technical support to application developers.