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New Breakthrough in Mobile CAD Applications, Gstarsoft is Leading the Industry

Date: 2012-09-28

 GstarCAD released a new professional mobile CAD software —GstarCAD MC PRO a few days ago. Many new elements have been added into the software. It will change the users’ opinion on mobile CAD software and lead CAD industry.


1.       New functions

Users can read a .dwg drawing directly with GstarCAD MC PRO now. What they only have to do is connecting iPad\iPhone\iTouch to a PC and upload the drawings to GstarCAD MC Pro. The .dwg drawings will be easily browsed by users anywhere and anytime, which improves its applicability greatly.


Besides, to meet more users’ requirements, GstarCAD MC PRO added many functions, such as Eastern Asia font displaying, font file customizing, etc.


2.       New ideas

Mobile CAD wasn’t born a long time ago. It was treated as an experiment in the past and was used to try more new mobile applications and explore the mobile peripheral of CAD industry.


However, GstarCAD MC PRO was based on the idea of practical application. Now, we can find that the software is becoming mature and practical. More and more designers need this indispensable mobile aided design tool.


Now, with GstarCAD MC PRO, designers can freely read and edit CAD drawings whether they are on-line or off-line, in the office or outdoors. The application experience of the software has been enhanced greatly.


3.       New mode

To meet the different requirements of different users, GstarCAD decided to provide two editions of GstarCAD MC: the free edition can read and edit drawings, but saving function is not included; the professional edition has the complete functions, such as: read, edit and save the drawings etc.


This mode will meet customers’ individual demand: free edition serves those who just want to experience mobile CAD software or use it to browse and present; to enjoy the real CAD design, we suggest users to choose GstarCAD MC PRO.


Download GstarCAD MC PRO