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GstarCAD 10 States Presentation Successfully Held in Brazil

Date: 2012-10-09

 ARKIsoft and GstarCAD have been cooperating for nearly half a year in Brazil. During this time, both companies have reached an outstanding achievement in Brazil. And the Brazilian local industries such as Architecture, Engineering and Construction have a significant competitiveness and satisfaction due to ARKIsoft and GstarCAD.

During July and August, ARKIsoft in partnership with the various CREA held by Brazil SYMPOSIUM TALKS showed how computational tools could make life easier for those who work with Projects, Budgets or Management. GstarCAD aroused great concern in the industries of Manufacturing, Architecture and Engineering as well as among users.

ARKIsoft organized different roadshows to promote GstarCAD in the capitals of 10 different states of Brazil. The events met a great success with a total of more than 400 participants attended. (e.g. 100 participants in Natal, 80 participants in Salvador, and also many interested ones in the cities of Vitoria, Fortaleza, Cuiaba, Campo Grande, Goiania, São Luis, Curitiba and Palmas).

By these roadshows, lots of participants were overwhelmed by the advantages of functionality and performance. Because GstarCAD drawing software ensures data reuse as it is compatible with AutoCAD but costs much less. Some of them showed great interest in GstarCAD’s compatibility and cost-effectiveness.

(CREA: Regional Council Engineering and Agronomy in Brazil)