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How to Customize Font Library in GstarCAD MC PRO

Date: 2012-10-11

Nowadays, kinds of mobile CAD software have come to the market. However, because of the immature technology, most of them cannot display the big fonts properly, such as Chinese, Japanese, etc.

In order to solve this problem, developers of GstarCAD did a deep research. The technology of font language intelligence analysis was adopted in the newest GstarCAD MC PRO, which perfectly solved the problem of Chinese, Korean, Japanese displaying. And, it not only could identify the CAD dedicated font of .SHX, but also true type font.

Figure 1

At the same time, font expansion and customization are also supported by GstarCAD MC PRO. So the compatibility problems which were caused by font mismatch never exist. There is a lesson for font expansion below:

1. Find the big font file (*.shx) which is going to be used in the drawing.

The Song typeface is the most used Chinese font in Windows. If you would like to use other Windows font and have the same display effect on GstarCAD MC PRO, you have to know which kind of Windows font you are using.

After that, you need to copy the font first. (Pay your attention here, some font names are different to the files’ names, such as clerical script’s file name is “simli.ttf”, but the actual font name is “lisu”. It is recorded as “lisu” in the drawing. So you have to change the font name into lisu.ttf and then add it into GstarCAD MC PRO).

2. If you want to add a big font file, you have to add the font file name into a font mapping file – “”. The mode of font mapping file includes:” Simple Chinese”, “[ANSI_936]”, “CHINA1.SHX”, and “CHINA.SHX” etc.

If you only need one language, you just need to copy the paragraph of this language, and add the font names which are in need to the end of the mapping file. Then save it as “”. (GstarCAD MC PRO can only add one font mapping file, because there is a default mapping table in GstarCAD MC PRO. If it is difficult for you to compile a mapping file, you can add the font file directly. If the drawing is displayed properly, you can ignore the mapping file).

3. Add the font into GstarCAD MC PRO.

Same as adding a drawing, connect your device to PC with a USB cable first; start up iTunes and select GstarCAD MC PRO in applications, click “add…” button to add the font file and mapping file into GstarCAD MC PRO. (Figure 2)

(Figure 2)

After adding the fonts, it will be displayed as below: (Figure 3)

(Figure 3)

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